Selling a product or service through ClickBank? You'll need a landing page.

Whether you're an Affiliate or Vendor, having a professional landing page & website that converts is key to your success.

The good news: PitchMagic makes it easy to create a profitable landing page & website. So leave the hard stuff to us while you start making money online with ClickBank. (What's ClickBank?)

ClickBank recommends PitchMagic

Save Time

PitchMagic exists for a single reason: make it easy to design & launch a landing page that converts. We've focused on simplicity above all else; on getting you selling and making money in no time.

No need to learn HTML, graphic design, PHP, databases, hosting, domains or any of that other techie stuff that can stop you before you even get started.

Create email auto responders, integrate Google Analytics, make a Thank You Page with product storage & download protection if you're a vendor, and much, much more. We have all your bases covered.

Save Time

Save Money

You don't need to hire someone to help you setup a landing page with PitchMagic. Do you know how much graphic artists cost? Or programmers? You don’t want to think about it.

PitchMagic comes with over 300 professional landing page header designs to choose from, spanning dozens of popular ClickBank Marketplace categories. And forget expensive software. The future is the cloud, and our landing page & website creation tools are always there and ready to use.

Save Money

Make Money

Now that creating a profitable landing page & website isn't a weeks, months, or year long project, you can focus on selling.

Affiliates: Find a hot product to sell in the ClickBank Marketplace & start earning a sales commission today. Just use your ClickBank Hoplink code on your landing page and start driving sales immediately.

Vendors: Sell your product through the ClickBank Marketplace, where over 100,000 affiliates want to earn a commission selling your product for you. Make a professional Pitch Page and Thank You Page with product download protection and you're good to go.

Make Money
I can't thank you enough for all you've done to bring me into the electronic book world. PitchMagic is performing a unique service, and deserves great credit for helping to streamline a sometimes complicated online process.— Rix Quinn

We Make You Look Good

First impressions are all that matter when you're trying to sell your product online. And trying to figure out yourself how to create a profitable, good looking landing page that converts is tough — if not impossible.

With PitchMagic, all you need to do is add your content. We make you look good.

  1. Professional Designs

    Over 300 professionally designed headers. Look good and start converting.

  2. Content is King

    The heart of PitchMagic. Drag and drop content blocks onto your Pitch Page and update your content anytime.

  3. Foolproof Layout

    Here’s how you get the look and feel of an authentic pitch page. Automatic formatting makes it easy.

  4. Additional Customizations

    Customize your look with over a dozen Buy Now Button designs to choose from. Includes credit card logos.

  5. Meet ClickBank's Requirements

    Vendors: We make sure your site meets all of ClickBank's requirements, so you'll sail through the approval process.

  6. Search Engine Friendly

    Make Google and your visitors happy by filling out your website with secondary pages of content like About and Contact.

  7. All Your Bases Are Covered

    Boilerplate Terms and Privacy Policy content to get you started.

As If That Wasn't Enough...

  1. Nothing to Install

    PitchMagic is a hosted service. There's no software to install and nothing complicated to setup.

  2. Instant Access

    As soon as you sign up for PitchMagic, your landing page is ready for you. Just sign in and get started.

  3. Third Party Integration

    We integrate with services like Aweber and Google, making your landing pages that much more powerful.

  4. SEO Ready

    Add your title, keywords, description, and then link to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

  5. Help When You Need It

    Enjoy a complete Knowledge Base, member feedback forum, and priority email support.

  6. Not WordPress

    This isn't a shoddy WordPress theme or plugin. This is a proprietary system built from the ground up for a single purpose.

  7. Step-by-Step Instructions

    You'll never get lost with our step-by-step how-to videos & Progress Bar. It's always available at the top of the page editor.

  8. Vendors: Thank You Page

    Create a Thank You Page and upload your product to PitchMagic. Your customers will be able to download after purchase.

  9. Vendors: Download Protection

    Your Thank You Page is only accessible to your customers and protected from unauthorized downloads.

PitchMagic is absolutely incredible. I could not have created a website for my Ebook without you. It was easy to set up and it is very simple to update and make changes. Your support has also been great. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know.— Kim Hardewig

We're confident PitchMagic is the easiest way to sell your ClickBank® product online. If you aren't satisfied within 60 days, you'll receive a full refund of your purchase price. With no risk, what do you have to lose?

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